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The Solutions.


iTrack provides a Fully Customized Fleet Management Application, designed to fit specific needs of various Organizations and Industries. Plan Alerts and Set Destination Route, get Customized Reports for any Specified Date and Time, Monitor and Track in Real-Time through GIS map. With your Fleet in control, the increase in organizational efficiency and productivity is inevitable.

iTrack is successfully providing solutions for:

  • Goods Carrier Companies
  • BPO
  • Radio Taxis
  • Milk Vans, Schools, Commercial Buses and City Transportation
  • Car Rental and Leasing Companies
  • Refrigerated Vehicles
  • Oil Tankers
  • Infrastructure and Construction Companies
  • Company Owned Vehicles


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Ask them.

“We found the stability and quality of hardware and software unparalleled.”

We tried other Vehicle tracking systems and they all failed. ICICI Bank recommended iTrack to us and we found the stability and quality of hardware and software unparalleled. We have been using iTrack for more than a year to monitor cash deliveries to ATM’s and banks all over the country. In the security business we need an efficient and reliable product, iTrack has more than established itself as the most trusted and reliable name with this product and company.

Rajesh Mankad - Sr GM -Tops Security Ltd

Tops Security


“iTrack has helped us save 21% of operating costs on our 200 vehicles.”

Our overheads for transportation of employees were ever increasing. We were a logistical nightmare with tampered odometers, unauthorized trips, frequent accidents due to rash driving, spiralling maintenance cost, private use of vehicles during off business hours and most importantly a manual system dependant on personnel integrity.

We contacted iTrack to assist us with resolving our issues. The GPS mileage is 99% accurate so we are no more dependent on odometers, if our vehicle travels more than the average per day we get immediate alerts, harsh braking and sudden acceleration alerts have reduced our expenditure on maintenance and accident claims. iTrack has helped us save 21% of operating costs on our 200 vehicles.

Our transport department has undergone a complete transformation and has emerged as the most efficient, streamlined department with all operations and activities transparent and documented, thanks to iTrack.

Sudhir Dhingra - CMD Orient Craft Pvt. Ltd.

Orient Craft

“iTrack promised a trouble free plug & play experience and they delivered.”

We were helpless when our shipments en-route to stores were pilfered with and our designs were stolen and replicated. In an effort to eradicate these problems we tried many other Vehicle tracking systems but in vain as they all failed badly on the deliverables. iTrack allowed us to monitor our vehicles en-route to stores and any opening of backdoors en-route to stores. iTrack promised a trouble free plug & play experience and they delivered.

JJ Valaya - Fashion Designer JJV


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